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Behind the Scenes: Character Creation

So when Chad and I started talking about doing this class we knew we wanted to have a fun cartoony character to build the class around. So we looked at a few artists and did some sketches and then as it got to the point that we knew what we wanted style wise but did not have time to do it ourself we had our friend Jorma Auburn do a set of sketches and we picked one of his that had lots of fun energy. Chad did the modeling build out and I did a tweak pass as I built the skeleton for it and did the final skinning/texture work, after Josh Carey did the 99% of the skinning for us... I sent the tweaks back to Chad to finish doing the model. It was a very nice and easy collaboration between a remote group of artists. I think the final character came out really nice and has lots of personality.

To help with each one of us being in a different location and wanting to have a shared place to keep each other updated we used Google Docs to setup a quick shared work env. This is a small sample of the page as we worked.

Character for the rigging and animation class
due may 20th - going with jorma design..

As of May 18th 3PM.
Eyes are too large
I will clean up mouth area some more and try to build in check bones

Ugly doll

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