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What you get with "The Character Animator Toolkit for Motionbuilder" ebook (currently only the ebook is available)

  • 100+ pages of course notes and step-by-step tutorials.
    1.5 hour video
    of the Master Class
    Bonus: example videos and files
    Extra video tutorials
    on how to keyframe animate in MotionBuilder.
    Python scripts
    showing the power of accessing poses and the control rig from custom attributes.

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Now available!

The Autodesk Motion Builder Master Class eDVD is now available for purchase!

"The Character Animator Toolkit for Motionbuilder"

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Included in the DVD download is ...
  • 100+ pages of course notes.
  • 1.5 hour video recording of the Master Class presentation at SIGGRAPH.
  • Two video walk throughs of the keyframe animation process in MotionBuilder.
  • Many example videos and files for rigging our character.
  • Python scripts for an alternate finger posing and keyframing methodology.
All this is included for $40.32 USD.

UPDATE: Here is a preview video from the DVD in case you did not see it on the lulu site.


dave said...

Hey there,

great job with this dvd. I purchased it a couple months ago, and have learned a ton from it, and thats after having worked with motionbuilder for a year or so already.
Will you be creating any more motionbuilder specific dvds? I would love to see a demo of your story tool workflow.
Also, do you know of a way to create procedural camera shake in motionbuilder?

bclark said...

I am glad you liked it, Chad and I are not sure if and when we would do another class. That said, I am currently working on more MotionBuilder tutorials for Autodesk that should be showing up on the-area website.

The first one I just did was for Story work, creating cycles and editing and blending.

Smapdi said...

Hey Dave,

Thanks for the kind words. Hmmm procedural camera shake in mobu. An interesting thought!

I am not in front of mobu right now, so this is coming off the top of my head, but have you considered using relations to generate motion?

I'll take a look when I am in front of mobu again.

bclark said...

oh right. sorry,

two options- relations useing a visual scripted aproach, you can use random number generators and feed it in to a few nodes to limit the range.

The other option is to do it as a "mocap" noise useing your mouse or keyboard device in relations to trigger spikes/jumps/bumps in the camera animation and do as a live capture. Lets you have more control.

bclark said...

If you have not seen it yet, the Story loop tutorial is up for viewing.. see latest blog post for link.

Raven said...

This is an awesome DVD, i am currently prepping to switch my studio over to motion builder for animation and this outlined the exact process i needed to follow, with minor tweaks here and there for better controls. I picked it up from the Autodesk subscription site that my company has access to.

I did have a question though, where can I direct questions i have? At first glance it appears the reverse foot setup may have issues in 2009, just wanted to see if it was user error.

Chad said...

@Raven ... I beleive Brad answered your question over at

Let us know if you have anything else!

bclark said...

Questions can be emailed to us at the included email address in the pdf notes. Or posted for every one to help with at