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Maya 2014 HIK menu bug FK add to selection fix

This is a very silly bug I found today but it is annoying and thankfuly the fix is easy.

Trying to select the FK nodes for a character from the menu

Errors saying " hikSelectRigFKNodes" does not exist.
You get this error because the global variable for this procure should have an uppercase K. Instead we have a script that has a lower case k in the word Fk

The fix:
C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2014\scripts\others\hikControlRigUI.mel
line 560 the Fk should be FK since that is what the menu FK button is looking for.

change this lower case k

global proc hikSelectRigFkNodes(string $pCharacter, int $includeRefNode) 

to an upper case K

global proc hikSelectRigFKNodes(string $pCharacter, int $includeRefNode)

now you can click the add to selection FK button and have it work.

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