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Hating on MotionBuilder and Mocap to loving it

From iAnimate GDC Event - 2013 on Vimeo  with Colin Graham, David Lam, Darryl Purdy, Michael Carr

While the entire clip is a bit long, for this blog and many in the industry still including a large amount of students interested in becoming animators in games, you should watch the video. We linked it starting at the time so you can find out how some of the top studios and artists have gone from hating mocap to embracing it.

Chad and I  and Jason Parks have been talking about and teaching and working with artists for more a decade now on these concepts and it is refreshing to hear it echoed back.  Clearly if you want to learn to edit and use MotionBuilder to speed up your work and your team we would hope you talk with us over at Rigging Dojo but these guys have it right on with the views on editing and mocap, great for their students.

Here is the link and time once more.

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