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Tutorials : MotionBuilder Physics

People looking for physics tutorials in MotionBuilder read this post:)

First you can read over my post here on a hack way to pin a ragdoll for older versions of MotionBuilder.
It is one of this blogs top links but there are much better ways to do these things now.

Also if you register for (free) you will be able to
log-in and watch my web masterclass on MotionBuilder physics

->MotionBuilder Physics: Ragdoll Tricks for Production <- to go to my original post here on the blog to find the link to the video and more information. Now thanks to the amazing "KXL" (he not only programed the physics tools for MotionBuilder he is doing free video tutorials, can't get better than that). You can log in to Autodesk Area and go to this thread Next Physics video poll where you will find the links to below videos covering
the following topics for MotionBuilder and vote for what you want to see next.
(he does this on spare time so thank him! and don't complain there is no audio)

Physics videos for MotionBuilder:

- Solver basics
- Rigid bodies basics
- Joints
- Setting up ragdoll
- Rider setup (part 2 for Joints)
- Little about Animation Mixing
Animation Mixing

They are all full of fantastic tricks and tips for all kinds of really cool stuff like setting up a car to adjusting the settings to get great playback and correct solving.

Hope you all find this helpful!


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