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LINK: Personal Gaming: Uncharted 2 Motion Capture

"behind the scenes of Uncharted 2: Motion Capture"

The videos talk about the actors mindset and physical issues when doing a capture session.
A must watch for any one that is involved with performance motion capture.

It is really great to see more and more footage like this and the videos from Avatar. I hope it helps educate
people on how much hard work and effort goes in to doing a capture session well and for the right reasons and
that you still need animators and artists to take that data and make it work on the final 3d character.

It is no magic pill that replaces animators, it is the same amount of work just shifted around in time and actually puts more
pressure at the start of production than animation where the pressure is more weighted near the end. Producers and scheduling need
to take that in to account when deciding on useing performance capture or not.


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