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TIP: Selecting objects in MotionBuilder

Some times the hotkeys and options are not very clear.
There are some great selection tool in MotionBuilder and I wanted to quickly mention them.

This group select trick I use in the Master Class for making selection handle objects in the view port.

"In the Viewer window, G-click an object belonging to the group you want to select.
To select multiple groups:
Press Ctrl-G and select multiple groups.
If an object is part of more than one group, all groups to which the object is connected are selected." (form MB help)

For selecting objects in the main Viewer window- selection tools..useing mobu hotkeys

Ctrl -right click child object, selects only very top root object
Spacebar-right click object pick it and children (Maya select hiearchy tool)
Ctrl-shift- right click on any obj in hiearchy picks entire tree, up and down.

Should help make your selections much faster to work with in MotionBuilder.

1 comment:

Lloyd said...

Oh what, I didn’t know that! G-click is potentially a really useful time saver, thanks for the tip. Amazing what you miss when most of what you know is learnt by trail & error and not through reading the manual :-/