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What you get with "The Character Animator Toolkit for Motionbuilder" ebook (currently only the ebook is available)

  • 100+ pages of course notes and step-by-step tutorials.
    1.5 hour video
    of the Master Class
    Bonus: example videos and files
    Extra video tutorials
    on how to keyframe animate in MotionBuilder.
    Python scripts
    showing the power of accessing poses and the control rig from custom attributes.

*New training and book offer through Rigging Dojo

MotionBuilder Rigging to Retargeting workshop (get the ebook free when taking this ondemand course)

Blog Posts


LINK: Area Blog post :: Maya <-> MotionBuilder workflow demo (part2)

The Area :Blogs : Maya; MotionBuilder workflow demo (part2)

Steven Roselle has posted the second part of useing Maya with MotionBuilder.
Thanks for the MotionBuilder love.

* I ,Brad, have been buried under a bit of work including lots of time contributing to the next possible future releases of certain software, or in Alpha test land. I hope people are still getting value and use out of the Toolkit DVD.

Also in other news- Digital-Tutors has MotionBuilder Training available as part of the subscription service, great if your all ready signed up. It is currently basic looking stuff that is good to build upon but there are still free resources available from Autodesk on the Area that cover most of the basics and plenty of advanced topics (that I have created and linked to here on the site). Either one, I am glad to see more traning available for MotionBuilder

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