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TIP: DVD foot rig mirror issue

There are two things: a bug that has been logged with Autodesk and a rig change.
There is small change to the rig that will help with a problem during mirroring where the character feet rig extensions don't mirror around the correct location.

Fix: Remove the character extension reference object to allow mirroring to work on the rig.

Currently the pose paste matching seems to not understand what to do with that information. If we remove the reference object, then pasting seems to work correctly again. This runs against what the docs say should work for the mirroring of extensions.

Bug: If you have an extension selected and try to paste with matching T or R turned on, it does not work. You must select part of the original ctrl rig or turn it off completely for the paste to work

Errata update:
Errata Doc linked on the side of this blog updates the step in the tutorial to fix it until there is a fix for the software from Autodesk.

orig post

It seems that some times the rig will not mirror the pose correctly unless you turn off the control rig and then re-plot to it. This seems to update the system and let the character extensions refresh and mirroring works from then on. Anyway I hope this helps anyone that comes across this issue. As MotionBuilder updates and changes I am sure there will be some things that break or need to be redone. If you notice something let us know.


Adam K said...

Wow thanks for this fix, i was just testing out some fixes for it but this seems to work just fine.

I did notice that the foot controls dont move with the hips when i turn on pinning, unlike the default rig, my solution was to just create a move group that selects the hips and the foot controls, but just thought i would put that out there.

Hoek said...

Thanks! But still...
I made two character extensions with 3 bones added each one. I changed the names in order to match the label's name.
I haven't added a reference object, and there is no way to pose mirrored poses. It just don't work.

Does anybody have another fix for this issue?....

bclark said...

Hoek, what version of MotionBuilder are you on?

Have you tried testing it with a diffrent set of objects? As long as you use the labels to mark what nodes are Right and Left it should be working.