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  • 100+ pages of course notes and step-by-step tutorials.
    1.5 hour video
    of the Master Class
    Bonus: example videos and files
    Extra video tutorials
    on how to keyframe animate in MotionBuilder.
    Python scripts
    showing the power of accessing poses and the control rig from custom attributes.

*New training and book offer through Rigging Dojo

MotionBuilder Rigging to Retargeting workshop (get the ebook free when taking this ondemand course)

Blog Posts


Area : Tutorial (not mine but a good starting place for mobu start)

Area : Tutorial MotionBuilder Feature Overview

This is a set of overview tutorials from Autodesk at The Area website ,that are very quick and should get any one needing to eval Mobu up and running.
It covers some core parts of the software, go watch them.. watch mine , buy our DVD and start bending motion to your will.

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