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“Carbon Copy” Animation or How to use reference correctly

“Carbon Copy” Animation

Must read for motioneditors and animators.

This is a great explanation on using reference footage but I feel it directly applies to any artist working with MotionCapture. There are great tools in MotionBuilder to allow for easy adjustment of the raw data to create more "pushed" poses but still have the detail and consistency that the raw capture provides.  In the end if the data is "correct" but is boring, doesn't FEEL real or right then ti doesn't matter if it is a 1 to 1 match of the captured acting, no one will care. How much the actions are pushed or messed with will depend on the project but it is amazingly fast to use 3d reference vs. 2d and get the same or better results faster.   The process isn't the same as the one that happens when our brain interprets the 2d footage on to the 3d rig but it isn't less valid and many times is more freeing because the arcs are all ready there, you have the 3d movement to look at.

Thanks to Ethan Hurd for the links-
Persistence of Vision: Using Video Reference in Animation

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