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New MotionBuilder bug and a quick tip

Here is the latest fun with Namespaces and constraint folders.

If you have namespaces on constraints and you use folders to keep things organized, the navigator no longer displays the list of constraints correctly.

Enough with the bugs on to the tips.

  1. In the past MotionBuilder would allow you to drag nodes in the schematic from off screen so you can move them in to view with out having to click on them or zoom way out.

    There is a hot key for this now- Hold down the T key while you have the node selected and you can drag it in from off screen. Nice!
  2.  If you want to change rotation orders on your Control rig you need to make sure that you switch the rotation order of both the IK and FK control or the rig will not evaluate as expected when setting keyframes. Also note that the rig defaults to use quaternion rotation so if you want to "animate" and have a more predictable rig then you will want to turn that off.

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