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TAG Blog: Animation and Motion Capture

TAG Blog: Animation and Motion Capture

This is an excellent talk about motion capture and how an DreamWorks dealt with starting to work with it.

If you are a TD or animator or motion capture editor using Maya or Max or MotionBuilder then you need to listen to the advise in this talk.

There is something that I want to talk about though is the part of advice about being able to select key poses and key that directly to the rig.
It is possible to do this on the MotionBuilder control rig or the HIK rig in Maya and I and many others have done it successfully with out having the problems of not having the rig be able to animate or interpolate between but it is a huge issue on a custom animation rig and it is important to keep in mind as you approach using motion capture in to the pipeline.

Anyway it is a great discussion and they address a huge amount of issues that are brought up all the time by people that misunderstand motioncapture and rigging for motioncapture.

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Adam K said...

Good information. It's really helps to animators I appropriate that every animator may have use this motion capture once time. This information is useful them also.