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CGTalk - Realistic Shoulder Solver

So a user posted this problem and yes there is a bug in the Right shoulder of the shoulder solver.

Fix- don't use the HIK 4.5 solver and switch back to the MotionBuilder solver. It works and does not leave the shoulder dead.



ΦZ said...

Is this in MB2012? We're jumping from v2009 to 2012 and noticing errors in the animation files from 2009 until we switch the CharacterSolverSelector from "MB character solver" to "HIK 4.5 solver".

Also, would you happen to know how to set this via python? combing the net & docs for this now.


bclark said...

Hey I don't know of a fix for it as I haven't seen a patch released but Autodesk might have one if you directly contact them. This is in 2012.

There were lots of changes and things between 09 and 2012 so it is hard to know what is causing problems your seeing but if you tell me what kind of errors I might have an idea.