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Podcast: Avatar with Richard Baneham! � Speaking of Animation

Podcast: Avatar with Richard Baneham! � Speaking of Animation

Animators, MotionEditors and all cg students should listen to this.

I am officially declaring mocap vs. keyframe bullshit argument dead and buried.
Any time some one brings that long dead argument up again (oh they will still try) just please send them this link and force them to
listen to it.

Amazing interview with Richard and I am happy to say he is not the only one that gets IT, there are really great animators at ILM and WETA and many others
that do what it takes to move the audience with the best tools they can use. Pixar and Dreamworks prove there is still need and room for incredible traditional animation so no, I am not saying that performance capture is right for everyone but it has its place. Yet I still hear over and over the arguments still (it's not 2001 any more) but they are time traps, energy sucks and huge wastes of life for any creative person who is trying to connect with the audience.

Congrats to every one that worked on breaking new ground and moving the industry forward on AVATAR.

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