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:Public service anouncment: Torrent copy of the class

Well, some one finally took our class and put it up for free:( I hope that if you have the "preview" copy for free and find it useful or like the content that you would be kind enough to at the very least stop by the lulu site and leave a comment /review of it.
That way we can have the feedback or maybe you might pay for the download that you got somewhere else, because the LULU site was to slow of a download for you:)

I am both amazed that it is something people want enough to pirate and sad that because it has been stolen that it will be harder to offer support to those who email us questions with out some proof of payment.

Just so you know how it works and where your money goes, when some one buys a copy of the class, Chad and I wrote the class together so we both get a split of the sale after takes there % for hosting the site and doing the transactions. Then we still get taxed on the income as it is, so really in the end 40$ is not much for a class of this kind with the amount of content that it includes. We have Sold about 60 classes in the months that the lulu site went live and , in just two days of the class being up on the bit torrent site, there were several hundred downloads, goo d times. ***Update- so far from the torrent download count, we have had almost 2000 downloads of the class***

So for those of you who will still buy the class, Thank you.

Direct Link to leave us a review on the LULU site.

Brad, Chad


Anonymous said...

I am really disappointed to see that people are stealing your hard work and hope that they are, as you said, "previewing" it and will be buying a copy. All the customers that I have talked to that purchased a copy are ecstatic about the DVD and are asking for a squeal!

Keep up the great stuff Chad/Brad.

Curtis Garton

Anonymous said...

First of all: I like your honesty by posting things as they are and should be.

The freedoms of the internet also bring the need of responsibility of each user (and companies!). I think this would be the nicest solution:

The more you gain from a product you optain the more you should give to the producer. And of course one should consider the situation too as a freelancer has probably less to give than a company.

So in the end I think it would be nice if products like your DVD could be bought for 20-X euro depending on the circumstances.

Many companies I know are actually quite responsible and at least buy the original, but I mean they even could invest a little more in YOUR future which might be a part of their future too if they were motivated by a flexible price.

...this might be utopian, but still the only chance is responsibility as piracy won't be effectivly reduced with useless protection methods and sueing randomly people.

So keep it up,

oh, and by the way:
I just bought your DVD!

bclark said...

Well, first Thank you for the comment and buying the DVD. I totally understand that freelancers need access to training and help. I try to give as much help on the forums and this blog with posts with material from the class for free.

It would be a great option if we could have a Utopian selling price * set a range for the selling price..but sites don't do that yet but it would be interesting, It is hard to barter online-maybe a new website will get created to do that for products with the state of the world economy.

Anyway I could type for hours about this and I would rather just say, thank you to all the people that have continued to buy the DVD.

I hope you get use out of it and if you run in to trouble Chad and I can try and answer your questions.

*** long live free information and the downfall of copy protection and crap sueing. I like free stuff and I like sharing but under my terms:)

* More free content coming up on and here on the Blog.