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    on how to keyframe animate in MotionBuilder.
    Python scripts
    showing the power of accessing poses and the control rig from custom attributes.

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The Mocaptionator’s Handbook V1.0 and other tutorials

Matthew Kapfhammer just posted a very nice guid called The Mocaptionator’s Handbook V1.0 , It is well put together and it is a nice guide for animators that might have to work with motioncapture. Thanks to Matthew for taking the time to write this up and I hope people that have purchaed our class go over and check it out and send it on to people that might need some insite in to hows and whys of motioncapture and how to use it.

Also I wanted to point out that over at the Ricardo has put up a very well exampled guide to the character control rig and how it works in MotionBuilder. It builds on what I talked about in the Animator Toolkit masterclass and it should be a great help to people trying to figure out how to use the rig. So go over and read the tutorial there (after buying our DVD:) and get the most out of MotionBuilder.


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