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great python script form Jason Parks

I just wanted to post this info that Jason Parks just cooked up. One of the big issues of dealing with Maya rigs and MotionBuilder is the SDK or Set Driven Key, and how fast it is to setup in Maya and what a slow process it is to create in MotionBuilder. (our class shows how to do this by hand in MotionBuilder on a foot rig by the way)

And so Jason posted a really nice set of scripts and tools to test out, learn from and just help all us out.

So here is a link to his post about it (Jason The-Area Post) and I am going to copy and paste the info here as well so you don't have to leave the site..


I’m daring to release, finally.

Instructions and download here:

click on the link

I wanted to be able to transfer Maya’s unitless animCurve nodes (also node as Set Driven Keys, or more accurately Driven Keys) into an FCurve Number (%) FBBox inside of a Relation Constraint. At first glance this seems like kind of a direct port but as you can see with nearly 1000 lines of code it is not so simple.

The above link points to one of my webpages with a download link which includes the main python script, a utility mel script and a couple sample exports files. There is also simple usage instructions and my large disclaimer.

The further I got into this, the more I realized it will probably never really be ready for prime time. So I’ve realesed this to simply get the code into all of your hands so you can see some strong examples of wiring things up inside of a Relation Constraint. Though this wound up being pretty darn messy and convoluted so it may be a bit difficult to reverse engineer what I’m doing. If anything there are plenty of good examples of FBClasses with proper syntax usage.

I’ll upload it to the scripts section of The Area as soon as I can figure out how. If we manage to get it a little more robust, I guess I can release it under the Maya section of HighEnd3d someday too.

So download away. Break it quickly. Feel free to post questions and requests in this thread. Please be kind ... grin

File Attachments
MoBu DK Importer (File Size: 20KB - Downloads: 19)


A big thanks to Jason for posting these great tools and I hope people use and expand on the work we all have been putting out there for the users.


UPDATE: A nice tutorial was posted related to the same topic

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