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What you get with "The Character Animator Toolkit for Motionbuilder" ebook (currently only the ebook is available)

  • 100+ pages of course notes and step-by-step tutorials.
    1.5 hour video
    of the Master Class
    Bonus: example videos and files
    Extra video tutorials
    on how to keyframe animate in MotionBuilder.
    Python scripts
    showing the power of accessing poses and the control rig from custom attributes.

*New training and book offer through Rigging Dojo

MotionBuilder Rigging to Retargeting workshop (get the ebook free when taking this ondemand course)

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Area :: Blogs :: Maya 2012 Hotfix 2 Now Available

Area :: Blogs :: Maya 2012 Hotfix 2 Now Available: "Graph editor: cannot view multiple f‐curves on a character set"

With lots of HIK fixes, grab it while it is hot and fresh if you are using HIK or Character sets.

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