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Introducing PyMoBu 0.1- Scott Englert

CGTalk - Introducing PyMoBu 0.1

Excelent news for the Mobu and python users out there. I have not had a chance to try this out but I hope it can get support as any effort like this.

Here is the quote from the article
Hello fellow MotionBuilder users!

I have been working on a project for a little while and I wanted to share it with the MotionBuilder community for contribution and feedback.

The name of the project is PyMoBu. It is a python enhancement for MotionBuilder. It is essentially a Python wrapper for a few areas in MotionBuilder at the moment. Using this Python module allows you to have many new features and functions that work with FB components. For example you now have a much more user friendly way to list properties with different options, individual constraint classes with personalized methods, listing objects based on a variety of parameters, a complete vector and matrix math method additions and much more!

Information and demo videos can be found on the PyMoBu google code project page located here:

There is a link to documentation off that page as well as included in the download zip file. Instructions are also in the zip file but basically it is like any other python module, you simple put in in the Python PATH that MotionBuilder can find and import it in.

Currently I have only tested this in MotionBuilder 2010. It will NOT work in previous versions unfortunately. I haven’t tested yet in 2011. So please let me know if you get an error and put in an issue report on the google page so I can keep track of the bugs.

A few bugs may still exist so this is mostly a testing and proof of concept stage that I hope will inspire some good ideas and additions as more areas are added. This is only the beginning and has a lot of room to grow.

Please leave any questions or comments here. I appreciate any feedback and ideas. If you would like to contribute your code, we can talk about becoming a member of the project as I would like to have the community help out and keep this project growing.

Thank you for taking a look and I hope that it will benefit the community in some way.
Scott Englert
__________________ <- personal website


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