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TIP:FBX layers and Maya 2010 more reason to check it out


Import layers from MotionBuilder
The FBX plug-in included with Maya now supports the import of
MotionBuilder animation layers into Maya. However, note that the FBX plug-in
does not support the export of Maya animation layers into MotionBuilder.
For more information on the FBX plug-in for Maya and to check for the latest
releases of the FBX plug-ins go to

This is great news for any one wanting to finally be able to work in MotionBuilder and final in Maya but still use the FBIK rig. There were hacks for working around this
and it was possible to do before this release but native support is always great.

Tips on Layers in Maya-

Maya layers are a mix of the "story" tool tracks in MotionBuilder along with the layer animation functions of layers in MotionBuilder.
What this means is that while you can bring in one "take' with layer animation in it now your still stuck to one take.

Hack (thanks Manu): Load animation from MotionBuilder Takes on to Maya Override Layers. These act as the animation instead of an offset allowing you to store
many "takes"(timelines or separate maya scene animations are ways to think about it.) all in one Maya file.

You can do this during your regular workflow for other game animations or to work with a custom pose bank and leave it in the file as you animate and export it between
files. All great things you can do with the Override layers in Maya.

I am really pleased that the flow between the Software is getting better, now if only Biped was as smooth.

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